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Mac Sales Grow Faster in China, compared to the US

Apple has always had great sales in the US, but it seems that now the company is experiencing an impressive growth in China, too. The sales for Mac here have actually managed to grow even faster than the sales in the US.

China has already oriented its attention on the iPhone and the iPad and it seems that now Mac is experiencing a boost, too. However, it looks like Apple is not concerned at all with the fact that their sales are not spectacular in the US, at least for now.

The sales of Mac in the US are growing slower than what everyone expected at first, but at the moment there is no reason to worry. A recently released statistics indicated that Mac sales grew with up to 12 percent with each year, which is enough to place Apple on top of user preferences.

 Either way, it is expected for Apple to experience a boost soon. Analyst Ben A. Reitzes claims that the global sales of Apple will most likely grow with up to 22 percent, thanks to the boost experienced in China. Actually, Reitzes claimed that even though the economy might have become weaker, Mac still is very strong and benefits of a rapid expansion.

This means that after all, Apple has absolutely nothing to worry about. However, this is not the first time when reports on Apple’s growth in Asia surface. Mac experienced an amazing growth in the Asia-Pacific region starting with last April, when sales were estimated to have gone up to 76 percent in this region.

Back then, figures indicated only a 25 percent growth in North America. Still, Reitzes is almost sure that the big growth will come from China. And he may be right having under consideration the fact that a poll released last November revealed that Apple already is the most desirable PC brand in China.

Naturally, this is expected to impact sales in an obvious way. Overall, in terms of sales Mac is not doing bad at all. Apple managed to register quite an important growth on this segment and it is expected for sales figures to grow even higher.
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