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Apple's iPhone 5 to sell more than two times faster at Launch than Galaxy S4

Naturally, iPhone 5 has an important competitor on the market, of course the newest release of Samsung, the popular Samsung Galaxy S4. However, some new reports indicate that Apple’s new release has still been more popular than Galaxy S4.

The report revealed that iPhone 5 actually has sold more than two times faster at launch than Samsung’s latest smartphone. It is estimated that Samsung has shipped more than 20 million units of the new Galaxy S4.

Apple's iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4
But, Apple is estimated to have achieved these figures in only half as much time to ship. In other words, this means that the iPhone 5 has enjoyed an enhanced popularity compared to this device.

Brain Marshall studied the evolution on the sales of these two particular models and it seems that he achieved quite interesting results.

Apple was able to sale 20 million iPhone 5 models in just 25 days, while it looks that Samsung needed much more than that.

 The figures that Brian Marshall provided indicate that Apple has shipped over 805,000 units per day, while Samsung was able to ship about 330,000 Galaxy S4 units.

Still, this does not mean that Samsung’s sales have not been great. In fact, the popular manufacturer has enjoyed quite an impressive popularity, which actually makes the new S4 the most popular device released by the company until now, which even seems to break Samsung’s sales records.

 So, it looks like the new Samsung model has not been able to beat Apple’s iPhone 5. The popularity of the iPhone 5 has been absolutely amazing. Only in the first weekend after the release of this model, the iPhone registered sales of over five million units.

It seems that the popular smartphone manufacturer has sold over 48 million iPhone units in the first quarter of the release of the new iPhone 5, although these figures also include sales of previous-generation models, such as iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

 The truth is that both Apple and Samsung have registered great results when it comes to sales, but not as great as they expected. Rumors indicate that Samsung is not pleased at all with the sales, while Apple seems to be affected by the rumors revealing the release of a new iPhone model by the end of the year.
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