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Fingerprint Sensor in Apple's iPhone 5S Predicted to boost Mobile Commerce

It seems that Apple thinks about high security measures, which might be introduced with the upcoming release of the company.

The new iPhone 5S may come with fingerprint sensor, which will actually boost mobile commerce, leading to increased adoption rates among customers and corporate markets.

The anticipated inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S is expected to be a very interesting new feature, which may raise the popularity of the new device. Analyst Maynard Um claimed that customers nowadays are interested in devices that can allow them the possibility to store personal data with no need to worry about security.

Customers tend to rely more and more on their mobile devices to store personal data and access a series of important sources. A reliable device-side authentication solution may not only be a good idea from this point of view, but actually it may become a necessity.

Both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are expected to bring new opportunities for Apple, as well as more customers who should find the two new options adequate for their needs. While iPhone 5C is going to be a cheaper product that may become more affordable for a whole new category of clients, iPhone 5S will be the flagship for the company until another new release on the smartphone lineup.

The multi-colored iPhone 5C is expected to open some amazing new market opportunities for Apple. Apple will probably go even further to attract a series of new clients by working with more carrier partners. So, the new iPhone 5C puts Apple in a whole new and different perspective.

The device is characterized as an appropriate priced product, which should be enough for a bigger success. The media event during which Apple is rumored to introduce the two new products will take place very soon.

This is the moment when the famous manufacturer is expected to introduce its iPhone 5S, as well as the iPhone 5C. The fact that Apple decided to release two iPhone models at the same time is considered to be quite curious, but it seems that the company plans on addressing different categories of clients. The devices are most likely going to be available in sale on September 20.
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