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Vodafone Germany to reportedly stop 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5

It seems that some pics have been leaked from Vodafone Germany, photos which reveal that the company plans on discontinuing sales for both the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 models.

However, reports reveal that Vodafone plans on keeping the iPhone 5 16GB in sale, this device being regarded to as an intermediate model between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the new devices that Apple is going to release soon.

 So, the only of the models that Vodafone currently has in sale and which will still be available is iPhone 5 16GB. The plan to discontinue the other two iPhone 5 models has been revealed through some pictures that were first published by German site Flo’s Weblog.

The two pics seems to be some photos of the enterprise resource planning system of Vodafone, indicating the stock of each model, as well as the reasons why some of these devices will be discontinued.

 While both the black and the white versions of 16 GB iPhone 5 remain available for shipping, we cannot say the same thing about the other models. So, the 32GB and the 64GB models are presented as unavailable on one of the two leaked pictures.

The other pic reveals exactly the items that Vodafone Germany will discontinue. They include iPhone 5 32GB in both black and white, as well as iPhone 5 64GB in both of these colors. Moreover, iPhone 4S will be discontinued, too, meaning the 16GB version of this model, in black and white.

 Most likely, this will be the strategy that Vodafone will use for all countries in which the company works, not only for Germany.

At this point it is not certain if this new policy is linked to an Apple decision to discontinue these products, too, or is something that Vodafone has decided for its own strategy. There is no information on whether Apple plans on discontinuing these models.

 Some analysts claimed that Apple plans on keeping only the iPhone 5 16GB in its lineup, along with the two new releases.

However, others seem to believe that Apple will not discontinue these products now, as in such a case, the company will remain only with the lower-cost iPhone 5C, the expected flagship iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5 16GB.
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