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Apple's iPhone 5c Running iOS 7

Apple has decided to release a beautiful and interesting iPhone model this year. It seems that the company has opted to launch a device that can compete with other smartphones existent on the market.

 The iPhone 5c is available in a wide range of colors, it is available for purchase at only $99 and it runs the new iOS 7. The iPhone 5c brings some new features compared to the iPhone 5, including a larger battery, an improved front facing camera, as well as a new scuff-resistant plastic case which comes in many vibrant colors.

The color options available for this new device make it quite an irresistible option for customers.
Still, it is important to mention that this new iPhone model is not coming with impressive updates compared to the previous iPhone version.

Actually, the iPhone 5c is trying to deliver the features of the original iPhone 5 at a more convenient price.
 It seems that in terms of price Apple is now trying to compete with products such as HTC One X, but also Samsung Galaxy S4, Google’s Moto X, as well as the popular Nokia Lumia 1020.

However, in terms of performance, Apple seems to still be able to deliver more on certain aspects. The new iPhone 5c can easily become an alternative to such devices, having a good battery life and support for a series of apps.

 However, it seems that Apple had a great idea with its decision to deliver the iPhone 5c in a larger variety of colors, such as the iPod touch. This might actually trigger sales for the company, drawing numerous clients.

Moreover, the case for this new iPhone model is made using an innovative process, featuring a seamless plastic back with integrated metal framework. The new iPhone 5 feels quite comfortable to use. Both iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s come with an improvement when referring to camera quality.

In terms of battery performance, this device can beat a series of models that exist on the market, being quite a great option for an affordable smartphone. It delivers better battery life performance than Samsung S4, for instance.

Overall, the iPhone 5c is a great device that offers an amazing usability with a colorful and convenient design.
Apple's iPhone 5c Running iOS 7 Reviewed by Unknown on 2/07/2013 03:05:00 PM Rating: 5

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