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iPhone 4 Still Widely Available in China after iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Debut

The release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C has been quite an important and interesting moment for Apple. While the two new models seem to address a new category of individuals, a series of rumors occurred revealing that Apple might discontinue certain devices the company has in sale.

Well, it looks like in China Apple has already made the decision to still offer the iPhone 4, even after the debut of the latest releases. It is quite surprising for Apple to keep the iPhone 4 in sale on the Chinese market, having under consideration the fact that this device was first released about 3 years ago.

Moreover, since Apple has a new flagship now, its iPhone 5S, it is expected for customers to turn to this new product. And not only, but since Apple released a more affordable iPhone version, its iPhone 5C, this new device is expected to be a big hit in China.

Well, China is not the only country in which Apple has chosen to keep its iPhone 4 in sale alongside the new releases. Apple adopted the same policy for Brazil and Indonesia, too, which will still sale this device.

Why did the company make such a choice is something that remains unclear for now. The iPhone 4 will still be available through Apple’s official store, costing less than the newly-introduced devices, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

So, authorized retailers will still provide the iPhone 4 to customers interested in buying such a device in China. Speculation reveals that the iPhone 4 has been kept in sale by the famous manufacturer with the purpose to draw more customers interested in a more available option.

Even though at first it was thought that Apple would target this part of the customers with its new iPhone 5C, it seems that the company is actually trying to do that with a previous generation model, the iPhone 4.

If the iPhone 4 will turn out being a more successful low-cost option than the new iPhone 5C is something that we are going to find out only when sales figures are going to be available.
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