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New 64-bit A7, Retina display iPad mini and iPad Air Revealed by Apple

Apple managed once again to surprise, as the company revealed its new iPad lineup at its latest event. This time the famous and popular manufacturer decided to release two new iPad models, the Retina Display iPad mini and a thin new iPad Air.

Both devices came with a series of impressive updates that were not expected by analysts. The new iPad mini and iPad Air come with some features that are also included in the iPhone 5s.

 Naturally, the most important feature that is worth to be mentioned is the 64-bit A7 Application processor. This update was surely unexpected, as it makes the iPad mini about 4 times more powerful than its predecessor.

 iPad mini and iPad Air
However, it is not only about power, but this device is more efficient, too, using GPU muscle to power Retina Display resolution, with no need of the power demands of the A5X and A6X. Even though we may think that this is all,

Apple went even further with is new releases. The company helps users take full advantage of the power and usability of these new devices, while the famous manufacturer is trying to promote them as both productive and creative.

Apple is now offering a series of new apps for free, along with the purchase of its latest generation iPad. The new iPad Air and iPad mini come with M7 motion coprocessor, which seems to be quite important when it comes to adjusting power consumption and powering several apps.

Actually, the new device is so impressive that Apple claimed to have been working for years to be able to deliver the advanced technology that is now featured in this new device. The iPad Air looks quite similar to the iPad mini.

Both feature Retina Display and an enhanced resolution. The iPad Air is thinner than the iPad 2, the difference being simple to feel when holding the two devices. Apart from the screen size, the iPad Air and the iPad mini seem to be quite similar, providing the same usability in a very similar design.

The iPad mini is however lighter. Still, both devices are very thin and light, which makes it quite hard to believe that they are able to incorporate the technology that makes them the most powerful mobile tablets released until now.
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