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Kindle Fire & Android see growth, but Apple's iPad is still the leader with 81% tablet share

Both Amazon Kindle Fire and Android tablets have seen a great growth in the past months, mostly during the holiday season, but the iPad remains the leader on the tablet market, with more than 80 percent of active users.

At least this is what Chitika Insights found. According to them, the iPad remains very popular, despite a growth in the popularity of its competitors. Chitika found that the iPad accounted about 81 percent of tablet web traffic in Canada, as well as the United States.

The research was performed in January. Following the iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire could not make serious competition to Apple’s device, summing only 7.78 percent. This device runs Amazon’s particular version of the Android operating system.

However, compared to the previous months, it seems that Amazon’s Kindle Fire usage registered a growth, from 4.25 percent. Following the Kindle Fire, Samsung-s Android Galaxy tablets were only able to reach 3.9 percent, which still is a growth from the 2.65 percent registered in December.

From this point of view, it seems that Samsung has been unable to conquer this market, at least when it comes to the tablet computer segment. Google Nexus also registered a growth, even though a minimal one, from 1.06 percent to 1.7 percent.

The only other manufacturer that achieved at least 1 percent was Barnes & Noble’s Nook. The simple conclusion is that Apple still holds the supremacy on the tablet market, even though it seems that its popularity decreased, initially from over 95 percent to 88 percent share.

These are the figure that were obtained in May 2012, compared to November. Since November until the moment when Chitika made its latest analysis, in January, the iPad dropped with seven more percent, to 81 percent share.

Now, concerns raise if this trend will continue and Apple’s iPad traffic share will continue to become lower. At first Chitika reported 78.86 percent in the post-holiday period, but it seems that the low figure might have been influenced by the number of users who did not use their devices during the holiday time.

Either way, the drop in share for iPad was larger than expected, even though this device remains the incontestable leader. On the other hand, Amazon’s Kindle Fire registered more than it was predicted at first.
Kindle Fire & Android see growth, but Apple's iPad is still the leader with 81% tablet share Reviewed by Golane Alex on 3:24 PM Rating: 5
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