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New Study reveals that Android Tablets Outshipped Apple's iPad for first time in Q2 2013

Things are not that great for Apple in 2013. While the tablet market continues to grow, it seems that Apple has more and more competition on this segment.

So, even though for quite some time now Apple’s iPad has been the most popular tablet on the market, it seems that things might be changing. Along with the increased popularity of Google’s Android devices, the iPad was overpassed in shipments in the second quarter of the year.

Canalys, a marketing firm who studied this evolution, reveals that the iPad is still the number one tablet when it comes to sales, but figures have decreased in favor of Android tablets. In the last quarter, shipments of the iPad have decreased from 71.2 percent share to about 42.7 percent.

On the other hand, Samsung has managed to grow in users preferences, the device reaching 21.6 percent of worldwide shipments. The Amazon Kindle Fire managed to achieve a growth, as well, to 4.5 percent of shipments. Lenovo and Acer accounted 4.3 percent each.

This means that Android tables have grown in popularity in many segments, while the iPad’s shipments have decreased. Apple is still the leader on the market, but its huge popularity has been taken down.

Some Android tables are available for less than $150, which makes them an appropriate choice for all kind of customers, who are naturally willing to save some money with this purchase. On the other hand, new innovation that could make clients sacrifice the price for technology is very hard to bring at this point, when all tablets seem to be able to provide a good functionality.

Canalys also found that owners of iPads use more their devices, compared to owners of other tablets. Another study indicated that the iPad accounts 84 percent of usage share, which proves that in terms of usage the iPad might be much more popular.

Apple’s share of shipments has decreased, but Apple remains the most profitable vendor on this market and most probably this will continue for the following period. However, it is expected for the increased competition to grow and draw even more interest from customers.
New Study reveals that Android Tablets Outshipped Apple's iPad for first time in Q2 2013 Reviewed by Maric Derek on 4/23/2013 04:01:00 PM Rating: 5

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