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Apple's iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 to feature iPhone-quality 8MP cameras

Ming-Chi Kuo comes to make new predictions on the future developments of Apple and more exactly on what the company plans for the future of the iPad and the iPad mini.

According to the analyst, both of these devices will feature 8 megapixel rear cameras with elements from Genius and Largan.

However, AppleInsider claims that the sensor modules will actually be provided by Sony. Kuo predicts that Apple will launch its iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 by the end of the year, probably in quarter four.

The analyst goes further to claim that the two devices will feature upgraded 8MP shooters, as well as enhanced lens elements. The new Sony sensors are a great addition to boost resolution to 8MP.

These new specs are not bad at all, having under consideration that Apple commonly features tablets with cameras of a lower quality than the one of the flagship iPhone. Possibly, this new device will come with more similar features to the iPhone 5S.

Actually, another source claimed that the new iPad will be based on better camera performance to make the difference from the numerous such devices existent on the market.

There are a series of Android tablets that can be purchased nowadays, so we can surely say that competition on this market is in continuous growth.

 To keep its leading position, some analysts say, Apple needs to release an impressive new update that will make the difference and determine clients opt for this device, not for the much cheaper Android versions. Moreover, at an affordable price,

Android tablets seem to come with more and more high- specs. Until now, Apple has based its success on the Retina display, but it seems that more manufacturers have reached a similar advanced technology, which is actually able to even boost the pixel density to 339 ppi, which is higher than the 264 ppi found in the iPad.

From this point of view, it surely looks that the company needs to find something new. Ming-Chi Kuo claims that most likely the iPad 5will reach shipments of 1.2 million units and 10.5 units for the third and fourth quarter.
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