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iOS 7 Review: Messages App adds new Features

Apple seems to be working to update certain applications for the new iOS7. These include the Messages app, which comes with a brand new look and some improved new features. Unlike many other native applications, the Messages app has actually been under a complex redesign.

There is a reason to that. Messaging is one of the most used features of a mobile device. Since the moment of the release of the iMessages in October, communication between Apple device owners has become much more convenient.

iOS7 comes to bring some new features to enhance that experience. Two of the main features that should be mentioned in this context are group chat user pics and hidden timestamps. There are some changes in terms of appearance and looks that come with the new update, too.

For instance, now the chat bubbles are flat, so the three-dimensional look is gone. Sent iMessages are displayed with a blue background, while the received ones feature a grey background. Regular texts are in green. The colors are brighter now which makes the app look more attractive to users.

While the messages sent go up towards the top of the screen, the color begins to fade, as they are older messages that have been seen by the user. This means that messages that appear on the top have a much lighter color than the most recent messages on the conversation.

This is quite an interesting new addition to the application. Another new feature is the Contact button, which can be found in the right corner of any text message. This makes it much simpler to call or FaceTime the person being texted.

The FaceTime option is available in case the other person involved in the chat uses an iPod touch or an iPad. Users will be able to access more detailed message timestamps due to a new feature in iOS 7.

Another new feature can allow users to block specific contacts or numbers they do not wish to hear from. The option is very simple to use. Apple is expected to issue its iOS 7 during the fall, adding a wide range of important updates.
iOS 7 Review: Messages App adds new Features Reviewed by Maric Derek on 5/31/2013 04:23:00 PM Rating: 5

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