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Apple to reach 500,000 new iTunes Accounts per Day

iTunes is without a doubt one of the most popular and successful services that Apple allows users to access on their devices.

Well, it seems that the success of iTunes has grown so much that it actually adds nowadays more than 500,000 new accounts per day. It is estimated that the company will add no less than 100 million new iTunes accounts by the end of the year, which surely is an impressive figure.

Many analysts indicated that the success of the iTunes service is doing nothing else than adding a series of new opportunities for growth for Apple. Moreover, Apple’s base is growing much faster than any other similar service.

Of course, this generates a lot of cash for the company, it is claimed. As iTunes is growing at a rate of about 500,000 new accounts per day, Apple achieves a global number of accounts that is second only to Facebook.

However, analysts say that it is generating more revenue per account than any other service, being able to even make more than the mega-retailer Amazon. Figures presented by AppleInsider revealed that Apple sums a revenue per account of about 329, while Amazon is able to reach about 305.

Back in April it was revealed that iTunes is one of the most popular places to purchase digital music at the moment. The figures were revealed by NPD Group, which reached the conclusion that iTunes have a 63 percent share of the US digital music market.

This places it on number one, ahead of Amazon and many other popular services. In fact, according to NPD, Amazon only summed 22 percent. If iTunes is popular when it comes to music, we can definitely say the same thing about TV shows, reaching 67 percent, as well as movies, at 65 percent. 

While iTunes has the supremacy, services such as Google Play and other digital media download services were not even able to reach the top. Amazon and Microsoft’s Xbox came on the second place, although at much lower percent share.

So, iTunes manages to stay on top, bringing popularity and more important revenues for Apple.
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