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New Report reveals that 92% of iTunes Radio listeners still use Pandora

It looks like the new iTunes Radio service that Apple offers has failed to achieve the popularity it was believed to obtain.

When the release of the iTunes Radio was revealed, it was claimed that Apple users will be thrilled with the new service. However, a recent study reveals that about 92 percent of iTunes Radio listeners still prefer using Pandora.

The report was released following a survey on more than 800 iOS device owners who tried the new iTunes Radio service. In the great majority of cases, people have decided to return to Pandora, using this service exclusively or continuing to use it alongside iTunes Radio.

 It seems that the reason why numerous users seem to be unpleased with the new service is actually linked to the poor automated song selection. iTunes Radio offers a similar performance to Pandora when it comes to fit and finish, but it seems that the service is unable to provide the same convenient usage.

Until now about 40 percent of the users who updated to iOS 7 have tried the new iTunes service. Statistics reveal that only 8 percent of these users were so happy with the new service that they actually completely stopped using Pandora.

The same report revealed that about 44 percent still use the two services, splitting listening between them. However, in terms of appreciation for the overall experience that the service provides, it seems that iTunes Radio is appreciated as positive.

At least this is what 66 percent of respondents indicated of their own experience with iTunes Radio. Pandora, on the other hand, did better, scoring 78 percent. Moreover, it seems that despite the increased efforts from Apple for marking iTunes Radio, about 36 percent of those questioned claimed that they have never heard of this new service.

Apple seems to believe that Pandora and iTunes Radio can peacefully coexist and users may actually access them both on their devices. The iTunes Radio was revealed by Apple in September, the release being made alongside iOS 7.

It has been revealed that in just one month this service has been accessed by more than 20 million users. However, now it seems that not all of these users are happy with the performance of the new service.
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