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Latest MacBook Pro to Get 65 percent graphics performance boost from Intel

A new test has revealed that the latest MacBook Pro can get an important performance boost thanks to Intel’s new Iris.

According to the results of this test, the integrated graphics chip can push pixels between 45 and 65 percent faster than the predecessor of this device. It has been revealed that compared to the previous generation MacBook Pro, the Cinebench r15’s OpenGL benchmark clocked frame rates the new device 45 to 50 percent higher.

On other hand, Unigen’s Heaven benchmark test revealed an even better improvement of 65 percent on Apple’s latest hardware. This results when it comes to performance have been first presented by Macworld in its latest report.

Macworld tests found that with this latest MacBook Pro, performance definitely increased. Macworld compared the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro to an early 2013 Ivy Bridge model which used the older Intel HD 4000 graphics.

After conducting this test, it found that the performance gains are absolutely impressive. Tests suggested that the Iris graphics can offer double or even triple the performance of the Ivy Bridge Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Macworld also found some improvements with CPU and reached the conclusion that MathematicaMark 8 test showed an 8 percent gain, while the Cinebench CPU test revealed a 5 percent gain. All these tests were performed with the purpose to analyze the performance of this new Apple product and find out how Intel’s Iris benefits it.

Actually, it is claimed that the new Retina MacBook Pro is bringing more than just performance increase on the market. The device also comes with a battery life of more than 9 hours, which actually represents an improvement with two more hours. Of course, this is a new feature that all users are going to appreciate.

The new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro already debuted, so it currently is available for users to purchase. The device promises to be a great choice for all individuals who are searching for performance and enhanced battery life.

The new device can be bought from the online Apple Store, but also from retail locations. It is available at the starting price of $1299.
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