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Apple Reveals an Update to Solve Issues with MacBook Air

Apple has just revealed an update for its MacBook Air lineup, update which is launched with the purpose to test for SSD failures, as well as data loss issues, and fix them, when possible.

In case there is no issue found, the MacBook Air firmware update will install a fresh firmware version. The update regards the entire MacBook Air lineup.

However, reports reveal that Apple’s MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1 mostly targets mid 2012 models, which may experience such an issue.

 It seems that even though a very small percentage of these devices experienced a problem, there is an issue that clients can deal with.

There were some cases of flash drives containing an unspecified issue that erases data. Apple specified that in case a problem is found and the update cannot be installed, Apple will replace the affected SSD, with absolutely no cost.

 The entire statement was made by Apple in a press release. This statement indicated that Apple found an issue with a small number of flash storage drivers which may lead to data loss.

 So, the new update that Apple just revealed will first test your device and then install new firmware to solve the issue.

 In case the issue cannot be solved and the update cannot be completed, Apple seems to be willing to replace the SSD, with no charge.

The statement naturally made everyone wonder how serious this issue is and how many people have been affected until this point. Although the number of users who experienced this problem is unknown, it seems that numerous people have taken Apple’s forums and communities to complain about SSD failure and data loss.

However, there are numerous other clients who claimed that their devices had absolutely no problem. It seems that the new firmware update comes to help users solve this issue and moreover establish if they need a replacement or not.

Reports indicate that Apple has announced to recall on certain flash storage drivers used in MacBook Air systems. The famous manufacturer recommends all uses of MacBook Air models from mid-2012 to download the update from the Apple’s support downloads page.
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