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Haswell-based MacBook Pros Expected to Be Released in September

The highly awaited new Apple release is expected to be out this September. Actually, rumors indicate that Apple may release the new MacBook Pro along with the latest iPhone.

It is expected for the company to announce this new device at its event that will take place in September. A report already revealed that Taiwanese manufacturers have started to ship components for the new MacBook Pro, which may actually be available for users to order very soon.

Haswell-based MacBook Pro
The device is said to be based on Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell processors and bring numerous new features that users will definitely find as being absolutely great. Apple plans with this new release to increase power efficiency, as well as performance.

The new MacBook Pro is also expected to come with an enhanced battery life and deliver a series of improvements when it comes to graphics performance.

However, exactly what this new device will feature and which is the performance it will bring is not certain, at least not yet. Still, it is expected until the upcoming Apple event for other details to surface on this new release.

 It is not confirmed yet if Apple will actually announce the Haswell-based MacBook Pro at the September event or not. Still, most likely this will be the moment that the company will choose to use with the purpose to make this new release.

What is sure for now is that Apple will launch its new iPhones at Apple’s rumored September event. Naturally, along with the rumors on the release of a new MacBook Pro, other rumors occurred on Apple’s potential intention to discontinue certain products.

However, it is believed that despite the release of such a new device, Apple will not go to discontinue any of the models it currently has in sale. Of course, there also are some analysts who seem to think that non-Retina devices will not be kept on the market for long.

Still, their future remains unclear for now. Which models will benefit from the refresh that Apple is expected to release is September also remains unclear at this point. Most likely, until this event nothing will be revealed.
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