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Apple May Release iDevice TV remote, not standalone HDTV

Latest speculation indicates that Apple may be building iDevice TV remote, even though until now the rumor was that the company was working to launch standalone HDTV.

An analyst recently claimed that the next impressive device from Apple is almost here and this is not a TV. The analyst who talked with AppleInsider claimed that it has never been Apple’s intention to release just a TV, but the company will most likely focus its attention on the TV remote, which will probably be the next big thing for the famous manufacturer.

iDevice TV remote
The analyst, who made these predictions, Ben Reitzes, claimed that Apple has the ability and the capacity to deliver innovative software and hardware features to its clients, all at an accessible price, so the company will most probably release something unique.

 Ben Reitzes also claimed that any home would benefit from the use of an iOS device as a TV remote. The purpose of such a device would be to allow users to control more tasks and make everything simpler and more enjoyable.

However, to be successful in this domain, Apple would have to make the difference through software. Reitzes went even further and claimed that the release of the iPad mini may actually be the first step that Apple makes on the way to release a TV remote.

The 7 inch iPad mini could be at first perfect for reading books or browsing the web, but the analyst claims that Apple has bigger plans with this device in the future. The analyst says that he sees absolutely no reason why Apple would not allow the iPad to work as an interface for the TV.

The main idea is the one of a central command that would help the user run a digital home easier. When asked about the HDTV, Reitzes claimed that he expects this product to materialize sometime in the future, but until the final agreement and the release of such a product, Apple has to negotiate amicable licensing terms with providers of content.

If Reitzes is right on his predictions or not remains unknown. However, what is certain for now is that Apple revealed nothing on its future plans.
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