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iPad Air Retina Display to Cost More than Previous Apple Models

The iPad Air Retina display is one of the most interesting releases of Apple. The high-resolution Retina- display that is featured in the fifth-generation iPad Air is actually more efficient than the technology featured in the previous models released by Apple.

This means that it is capable of achieving the same level of brightness, but with less than half as many LED lights. However, this technology is costing Apple more than it did for other previous generation models, at least this is the conclusion that seems to have been reached after a new teardown test.

The test was performed by AllThingsD, which published its results on Tuesday. It reached the conclusion that even though the iPad Air might have been cheaper to build than the third-generation iPad, there are some components that come with a much higher price.

Naturally, the most important of these components is the 9.7-inch Retina display. The main difference is that with previous generation models, Apple has actually used 84 LED lights for screen brightness. Now, the company achieved a more efficient system, but also one that costs them more.

Moreover, Andrew Rassweiler claims that Apple is actually using film layers that distribute the light across the display. This might be the unique technology that allows Apple to use fewer LEDs and so reduce both the power needs and the device’s weight.

AllThingsD estimate that display and touchscreen assembly end up costing Apple now about $133. Only the display is said to cost about $90. To be able to provide this technology, without adding too much cost, Apple had to decrease costs with other components featured in the device.

For instance, the A7 chip is estimated to cost Apple $5 less per unit than the A5 processor. This helped the company reduce overall costs and make the project sustainable.

The iPad Air also features just one pane of glass, while the LTE chip can support all US wireless carriers. So, AllThingsD revealed that the display alone for the iPad Air costs about $90. Naturally, this is more than what Apple invested in this component with previous generation models.
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