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Apple’s fifth generation iPad Air to Feature Amazing New Features

By the time when the new iPad Air was released, Apple claimed that its new device is so great that describing it won’t be able to tell exactly the amazing experience that this product will offer users.

To be able to feel the difference and truly appreciate the new product, you have to see it. Well, now reviews reveal that Apple did not exaggerate at all with this presentation. So, the iPad Air has been released.

This is the fifth generation full size tablet that Apple releases, and which naturally comes with the already famous 9.7-inch Retina display. This technology has been introduced by Apple with its third and fourth generation models.

The Retina display has an important role in the release of this product. This technology actually allows Apple to release a thinner and lighter design than the one featured in the first generation models.

The design that Apple presents with the release of the iPad Air is the same as the one that can be found in the iPad mini, which has been an amazingly popular release. Moreover, even if this new device comes to introduce users to a whole new level of technology, it is not more expensive than other models.

It comes at the same pricing level as all full-size tablets released by Apple. When it comes to color options, there are no changes on this aspect, either. So, the device comes in two colors. They are the space grey, aluminum back and black front model, as well as the silver model that comes with white front.

Regarding design, there are some changes from previous generation models. The new iPad looks thin and light, while the overall design looks and feels just great. The new iPad Air comes with an A7 processor, which can naturally deliver enhanced performance.

This is the same A7 chip that can be found in iPhone 5s and which will be featured in the iPad mini with Retina display. The device also features improved camera performance, but Apple was expected to bring more on this aspect.

The iPad Air does not include Touch ID fingerprint sensor either. Still, the iPad Air seems to be the best full-sized tablet on the market, at least for now.
Apple’s fifth generation iPad Air to Feature Amazing New Features Reviewed by Richard Padilla on 1:25 PM Rating: 5
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