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Apple is Favorite Brand in Emerging Markets

Apple has always been extremely popular, but commonly the famous tech company was the primary choice on markets such as the US.

However, now it seems that Apple is the favorite brand on emerging markets, as well. This means that after months of battle, Apple has finally been able to beat Samsung.

The news is quite surprising, as everyone expected for Samsung to gain supremacy on emerging markets, once again.

The news was first revealed by Bloomberg. According to their report, Apple is the most desired mobile-phone brand on emerging markets.

Apple Brand
Bloomberg based their report on the results of a recent study, which they claimed to have been conducted by marketing firm Upstream.

Either way, the news is great for Apple. Apple managed to become the first choice of users on emerging markets, even though until now the primary choice has been Samsung. In fact, Samsung has been the leader on these markets last year.

The difference between Samsung and Apple when it comes to the preferences on emerging markets is not that big. Samsung got a percent of 29, while Apple managed to beat the Japanese smartphone maker by 3 percent, scoring 32 percent.

Even though the difference between Apple and Samsung was not impressive, Apple actually registered a huge growth, from about 21 percent, the score it received last year when it comes to customer preferences.

How Apple managed to achieve this evolution? Analysts claim that it may be all due to the release of iPhone 5C. Last year, Apple shocked when it presented the world two new smartphones: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

If iPhone 5S was the new flagship device for the famous company, iPhone 5C tried to be a more affordable option for people who wanted an iPhone.

Some claimed that Apple released the iPhone 5C especially for emerging markets. However, in many parts of the world, this phone is still not as cheap as Apple thought.

So, in many emerging countries, iPhone 5C is priced only a little less than the iPhone 5S. Still, Apple's popularity has grown in emerging countries, but it is yet to see if the famous company will continue on this trend.
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