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Apple to Release iPhone 5C 8GB Model

Apple seems to be searching for new ways to increase its sales. The famous tech company is ready to release a new iPhone 5C model.

Apparently, Apple has developed an 8GB version of its most affordable smartphone. It seems that the purpose of this new release is to target lower end markets.

The fact that Apple is interested in these markets is not a secret. Actually, they can represent a huge development opportunity for the famous company, but not only.

iPhone 5C 8GB Model
Numerous smartphone makers have focused their efforts on the needs of these markets, providing a series of options to customers. Well, Apple revealed that its new 8GB iPhone 5C will be available in stores starting this week.

Currently, the iPhone 5C is available in sale only at a 16GB and 32GB option. Of course, an 8GB iPhone 5C will be more affordable than the devices that already are on the market.

This means that the new iPhone 5C might become an interesting option for a whole new category of clients.

Some voices have already claimed that with the release of this new product, Apple is actually targeting the Chinese market.

However, there are also analysts who claim that Apple needed to make this move. So, it is said that the iPhone 5C failed to register the sales that Apple hoped for.

Consequently, the tech giant needed to make a change to trigger the interest on this cheaper iPhone model. It has been reported that the new iPhone 5C will be available on the market at the cost of 60 euros.

Naturally, prices might vary from one country to another, as well as the evolution of the device.
For instance, everyone expected for this smartphone to do great on the Chinese market.

However, the reality is that the iPhone 5C is not doing that well in China. Actually, about 4 months after its release, the iPhone 5C has not become an important presence on the market.

Maybe, this will change along with the release of this cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C, but it is yet to see how the market will evolve. 
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