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Apple to Sale 20 Million Apple TV Units

The Apple TV has always been an interesting product designed by Apple. However, Steve Jobs has always claimed that this is just a hobby device, while Apple did not invest too much in this product.

It seems that Tim Cook is willing to change all that.
The current CEO of Apple claimed that the Apple TV is no longer a hobby and actually this product is as popular as possible.

Apple TV
Tim Cook revealed that the Apple TV business has generated no less than $1 billion. "It didn't feel right referring to something that makes $1 billion as a hobby," Cook said.

Overall, Apple TV has sold 20 million units. Last May, it sold about 13 million units, which means a good evolution.

This means that the Apple TV has managed to bring some good money to Apple, from the content purchased directly from the device.

Consequently, the market itself has made this product an important part of Apple’s lineup.

Tim Cook also claimed that he is absolutely confident in the way this Apple TV business evolves and where it can get. And the truth is that the Apple TV has numerous fans nowadays.

Moreover, many people are anxious to discover new updates on this segment of Apple’s product lineup. Everyone expects to see a physical television made by Apple, with a complex functionality.

However, Tim Cook revealed nothing about Apple’s future plans, so it is yet unknown what the famous company plans on releasing next and if such a TV is in its plans or not.

Apple is well-known to keep the secret on its intentions regarding the release of new products, so there will be no shock if the famous company says nothing about its development plans linked to the Apple TV.

Some rumors indicated that Apple will make a release on this segment of the market this year, as the Apple TV received no upgrades in a period of about two years.

However, this is not the first time when rumors indicate that the famous company will make such a release. So, it is yet to find out what Apple plans for the near future.
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