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Apple to Fix Battery issue in new iPhone 6

Apple has found a way to fix the battery issues that customers have been complying about. So, most Apple clients who own a device produced by the famous company are extremely happy with the way it functions.

However, there is one aspect that people seem to complain about: battery life.

Apparently, Apple found a way to deal with this issue in its future releases. Reports reveal that a new manufacturer has been able to develop a battery thin enough for the new  iPhone, but with a much improved power.

Apple to Fix Battery issue in new iPhone 6
This means that Apple might have already managed to solve one challenge facing its much rumored new phone.

Reportedly, Apple has discovered Simplo, a company that claims to be the leading battery pack designer in the world.

It seems that Simplo has already created a battery for the iPhone 6, which is said to be the biggest-screen iPhone developed until now.

If this turns out being true, it surely is a great news for Apple. Previously, reports indicated that Apple was facing serious production delays due to the inability to develop a battery perfect for its new smartphone.

It is claimed that Apple needed a battery of no more than 2 millimeters thick. This turned out to be a huge challenge for manufacturers, as smartphone batteries commonly are 2.8 mm to 2.9 mm thick.

Well, if this manufacturer has found the way to meet Apple's expectations, now the company has to make sure that Simplo will be able to produce enough batteries for iPhone 6 to meet the great demand.

Some analysts say that this might mean that Apple's plans on the release of its new phone can be delayed. However, there are also voices saying that the battery issue is just one of the problems which are holding back the production of the iPhone 6.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple is also facing some technical obstacles in producing its new 5.5-inch iPhone. This is why he believes that the new phone will not be out until 2015. Naturally, Apple has not revealed when it plans on launching iPhone 6. 
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