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Apple to Release 12.9 Inch iPad

Rumors reveal that Apple plans on making an important release in the near future. It has been claimed that the famous company plans on releasing a 12.9 inch iPad sooner than imagined.

Actually, rumors indicate that Apple has already started to work at the new product.

The new iPad might be ready by the end of the first quarter of 2015, when it will become available in sale.

Reports indicate that this new product will come with an interesting new feature. Naturally, this is the 12.9 inch screen design, meaning that the new iPad will actually be the largest such device produced by Apple until now.

It has been claimed that Apple started to work at this new product last year, although it wanted to keep everything a secret.
Apple to Release 12.9 Inch iPad

 If this turns out being true, there will be no surprise, as Apple is well-known to reveal nothing about its products and its plans until the official release is made on the market.

However, analysts believe that Apple is very interested in revitalizing the iPad lineup. In fact, the interest in tablet computers has decreased in the last year, as smartphones have become more functional, reducing the need of such devices.

This is why manufacturers have to try their best to bring something new and something quite impressive, to be able to gain success on the tablet market.

The pressure is even bigger for Apple, as the famous company has its biggest revenue from the sales of iPhones and iPads.

Apple has invested a lot in this domain of the market and the company expects to get a lot of revenue. Maybe, with this new release Apple will manage to bring a series of new customers to the company.

It has been reported that Apple will also release a new iPhone this year, which will come with an increased screen size.

Actually, it has been said that Apple will present this new device in September. Moreover, it is claimed that the famous company will actually present two new iPhones, a 4.7 inch screen model, but also a 5.5 inch screen device.

Well, it is yet to find out if the rumors will turn out being true and what will Apple's lineup feature by the end of 2014. 
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