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Apple Pay to be Launched on October 18

Apple's new service, Apple Pay will be released in about a week. The famous company claimed that its first mobile payment system will be launched in October.

 Numerous Apple fans are anxious to discover this new system.

Although Apple claimed that the service will be released this month, the famous company kept a secret the exact date of the release.

However, new rumors indicate that this release will take place on October 18. Actually, a leaked memo indicated that this is the official date when the release will be made by Apple.

Apple Pay
This means that Apple Pay will be launched two days after the release of the iPad. Apple will reveal its latest iPad at an event that the famous company will host on October 16.

Well, some claim that the rumors are not true, as Apple is not commonly making releases on Saturdays.

Moreover, it is rather unusual for Apple to make releases on weekends, as these are the busiest shopping days for retailers.

It is yet to find out if Apple will make the new release now or if the rumors were wrong after all and the famous company has chosen another day to present its new product to the world.

What is Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a brand new service introduced by Apple. This service will for now be available only on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The service allows users to connect a credit card to their smartphone easier than imagined. The service will help users find out which were their most recent transactions made with the use of their credit card. Moreover, it features links to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of banks.

Is this service safe enough? Well, Apple claims that users have nothing to worry about, as this is the simplest, quickest and most secure payment method used until now.

Apple first revealed the release of the Apple Pay at the event the company hosted for the launch of the latest generation iPhone.

However, since then, Apple made no new revelations regarding this service. Some claim that it will actually be released at the special event that Apple hosts this week for the release of the new iPad. 
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