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Apple's Sales to Exceed Expectations

Everyone expected Apple's new smartphones to be a huge success, but maybe no one realized that they will become so popular.

Apple has actually registered massive sales thanks to the release of its newest iPhone. In fact, sales have been greater than what Apple imagined.

Reports reveal that the company's sales have exceeded expectations, while its latest smartphone is a huge hit.

One of the most expected devices of the year, the bigger screen iPhone released by Apple is as popular as possible. Apple recently released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
Apple's Sales to Exceed Expectations

Both devices feature a bigger screen compared to the previous Apple releases. It surely seems that Apple fans and customers have waited for long for the famous company to make a change when it comes to the smartphone lineup.

So, people wanted Apple phones with larger screens and this is something very simple to see when looking at the sales registered by the famous company.

Moreover, with its new release, Apple has been able to address to a whole new category of customers and to a new market, interested in larger displays.

This is the simplest way to explain the impressive profits made by the famous company. In just three months, Apple has made $42.1 billion in sale and $8.5 billion in profit. Compared to last year, the profit of the tech giant grew with up to 13.3 percent.

Apple has claimed that until now they sold over 39 million new iPhones. These are the sales registered by the popular company, without the Chinese market.

In China, Apple is expected to do even better. China is considered to be the fastest growing market for Apple at the moment.

Of course, the interest for the new device in this country is great. Without a doubt, Apple made a very good decision when the company voted for the design change which led to the release of the new larger screen iPhone.

2014 has been a very good year for Apple. The famous company impressed with innovation and it actually presented something completely new.

Tim Cook claimed that the company is actually "heading into the holidays with Apple's strongest product lineup ever," and the CEO of Apple is surely not mistaking. 
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