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iPhone 6 is a Huge Success in China

The new iPhone 6 is without a doubt a huge success. However, it seems that not only people in the US are eager to get the new phone.

Apple fans in China are also anxious to discover the largest screen iPhone produced until now. Well, Chinese customers of the famous company should be pleased to find out that the new phone can now be purchased in their country, too.

After several weeks of uncertainty on whether the new phone will be released in China or not, the device is finally available on this market, too. Apple expects its new phone to be a huge success in this country and without a doubt their expectations will be met.

The demand for the new iPhone is so impressive that this smartphone will surely be a hit in China. The delay in releasing its latest smartphones on the Chinese market actually came as Apple was unable to bring its new devices in this country, due to the lack of approval from the authorities.

Before being allowed to sale its products in China, Apple had to assure the government that their smartphones do not contain loopholes for US agencies. It seems that the Chinese government feared that these Apple devices will be used by other purposes than what may initially seem.

However, Apple was finally able to prove to them that their products are safe enough to be sold in this country. Preorders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started in China on October 10. Apple claimed that the devices will be available for shipment starting with October 17.

Until shipments will start, the numbers of preorders is expected to grow. In the first six hours, no less than one million pre-orders have been registered. Until now, about 9 million reservations have been made. It has been claimed that most people in China are willing to buy the iPhone 6 Plus, as most pre-orders were registered for this device.

Apple's sales might be growing even bigger, as it has been revealed that the new iPhone will soon be available in India, as well. Pre-orders for the new device have started in this country, too.
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