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Tim Cook Talks about the Death of iPod Classic

Apple has recently announced its decision to discontinue the iPod classic, news that came as a shock for Apple fans from all over the world. Now, the CEO of the famous company decided to talk about Apple’s newest business choice.

Tim Cook explained the reason behind the death of its device, which remained unchanged for 6 years. In a recent interview, Tim Cook claimed that the company actually had to discontinue its product, as Apple was no longer able to provide parts for the iPod classic. His statement comes after Apple had actually discontinued its product silently.

This means that the famous company made no official announcement on its intention to stop the production of the iPod classic. It just quietly removed the device from its website and online store. Naturally, the explanation given by Tim Cook to the decision to discontinue the iPod Classic is quite surprising.

The famous company is well known to easily find its ways to produce parts for its own devices. This means that it is at least curious that Apple claimed that they can no longer produce the iPod Classic. Many analysts seem to believe that if the company would have wanted to, they would have been able to continue the production of this device.

 Analysts also claim that most likely what Apple did was to analyze the sales and this way they realized that keeping this device in their lineup is no longer profitable. It seems that the iPod classic’s sales have registered a decline last year, at least this is what Tim Cook claimed.

The CEO of the famous company revealed that more and more people are currently using their iPhones to listen to music, so the need for an iPod is not that great today. Apple will not introduce new iPod models in the near future, as the tech giant seems to not be willing to invest any longer in this type of devices.

Still, the iPod Classic will remain an important product in the history of Apple. Its release has meant an important moment for the famous company, marking a new era in technology. The first iPod was released in October 2001.
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