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Apple Rumored to Kill Off iPhone 5C

Apple is rumored to be willing to discontinue one of its smartphones. Reports indicate that the famous company will kill off the iPhone 5C next year.

The production of the iPhone 5C is set to come to an end at the middle of 2015.

The news on the discontinuation of this product has been first revealed by Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times.

If the news turns out being true, this will surely be a shocking decision made by Apple. Apple released its iPhone 5C last year, as a lower cost smartphone, addressing to a whole new category of customers.
Apple Rumored to Kill Off iPhone 5C

This phone was released at the same time as the iPhone 5S, as a less feature packed alternative to this device.

The 5C started off at the price of $99, which means that it became an option for numerous people who would have never thought before about purchasing such a device.

However, despite the low cost, the iPhone 5C failed to meet expectation, as customers seemed to be more interested in Apple's flagship smartphone.

No reason for this decision has been given at this point, so there is no word on what may have determined Apple to make such a decision.

Some analysts claim that the fact that Apple's sales were not what the company expected is the reason to blame for this evolution. Others say that the competition on the market has determined this evolution.

Nowadays, there are several popular smartphones running Android, Google's mobile operating system.

This means that on the low-end smartphone market, customers have a lot of options, so the chances to choose something even cheaper than an iPhone are quite big.

However, it remains rather difficult to find out exactly how well or how bad each Apple product has evolved on the market, as the company does not reveal sales per device.

Until now, Apple has made no official comments on the report that was recently published. So, there is no confirmation on whether Apple plans on discontinuing this product or not. Moreover, it is yet to see what Apple plans on releasing next when it comes to its smartphone lineup. 
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