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Apple had a Great Christmas, Dominating the Holidays

Apple released its latest products just on time to have them available in its lineup during the Christmas season. And it seems that the famous company could have not done a better job.

Apple had a great Christmas when it comes to sales, its iPhone dominating the holidays. Samsung was left behind by the tech giant this year.

Apple customers and fans found this Christmas to be the perfect moment to give a special gift: an iPhone. Flurry, a mobile analytics company, revealed that Apple devices accounted for 51.3 percent of all device activations in the week leading up to December 25.

As imagined, most of these devices have been its smartphones. Flurry also revealed that Samsung came second when it comes to the number of device activations, accounting about 17.7 percent. Nokia took the third place with 5.3 percent.

How was data obtained?

Flurry was able to determine the number of the devices activated during this time, being also able to determine their manufacturer, by tracking which versions of apps such as Instagram or Facebook were most downloaded.

Apple had a Great Christmas
Apps have different variants depending on the operation system on which they are used. Flurry also revealed that the number of apps downloaded in the week before Christmas has grown spectacularly, up to 150 percent.

However, this was no shock, as commonly app downloads tend to grow during this time of the year.

Flurry is quite a renowned source nowadays, providing expertise and analytics to over 190,000 companies. It covers around 600,000 mobile apps. Flurry revealed that the success of Apple was undeniable, while the competition stood no chance.

This surely is an interesting evolution for the company, compared to last year. At the beginning of 2014, Apple faced huge criticism.

The famous tech company has highly criticized for failing to release a device that would respond to the demands of its customers. While the market of larger screen smartphones continued to grow, Apple seemed incapable of creating a smartphone that would address these needs. During the last Christmas season, Apple had in sale as a flagship smartphone its iPhone 5S.

In 2014, Apple made a crucial change for the future of the company. It finally addressed the increasing demand for larger screens on smartphones with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These devices introduced for the first time a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch display.

And it seems that people just loved it. The new smartphones also managed to address an issue that people kept on complaining about when it comes to Apple's devices: battery life.

With an improved battery life and a beautiful design, the new iPhone quickly conquered the market. There is no wonder after all that Apple sold no less than 39.3 million devices in first quarter. In fact, more than 10 million iPhones were sold just in the first weekend following their release.

Are bigger screen smartphones the future?

The report released by Flurry also revealed another interesting reality. It seems that people prefer larger screen smartphones nowadays.

So, smartphones that feature a larger screen are quickly managing to eliminate from the market the devices with smaller screens.

This may also turn out being the case of Apple and the popularity of the new smartphones stands as a testimonial for these supposition. Well, there is another factor that might be taken under consideration here: the tablet market.

So, while the need for larger screen smartphones have become more and more visible, the tablet market has seen a decline.

This reality is valid when referring to both full-size and small tablets. So, perhaps people are interested in bigger smartphones, which will significantly reduce the need of a tablet. Is this a good thing for the market? Probably not from the manufacturer's perspective.

Apple has always shown interest in the revival of its iPad lineup. While this lineup has received some updates in 2014, the tablet market maybe needs more to regain its lost success.

Maybe Apple will be able to come up with something extraordinary in 2015 when it comes to its iPad. However, it also is very interesting to discover what the famous company plans on releasing next when it comes to its iPhones.
Will Apple continue the trend of the bigger screen iPhones?
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