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Apple Offers The Interview on iTunes

Apple started to offer on iTunes one of the most controversial movies of the year. The Interview is actually the movie which has been in the center of the hack attacks that occurred at Sony.

 It seems that Apple brought The Interview in the US on iTunes just four days after the release on other video platforms.

So, Apple users who are willing to see this movie should find out that it appeared in Apple store on Sunday morning. The movie has been available in the US, as well as in Canada, starting with Wednesday.

This means that it already is accessible on YouTube Movies, Google Play and Xbox. On iTunes, The Interview can be rented for the sum of $6 or can be bought for $15. However, the movie remains unavailable to stream outside North America.

Actually, The Interview appears to be a rehearsal for Apple. It has been claimed that the famous company declined Sony's request to stream the comedy.

The movie stars actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. The two play the role of TV journalists, who are planning to assassinate no one else than Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. The story aims to be a comedy, but it raised a lot of controversy.

In fact, the movie was set to be released in theaters on December 25, but the release was cancelled due to some threats of violence made by hackers against theaters.

Apparently, the hackers responsible with the attack on Sony Pictures, dating back to November, threatened this time theaters to stop them from airing the movie.

*Sony releases after all The Interview*

 The Interview on iTunes
Sony Pictures employees received a socking email, which was revealed in December. The email sent by hackers threatened employees and their families.

Moreover, hackers who broke into Sony's systems managed to obtain a series of vital information for the company's employees. This includes personal data, such as phone numbers, addresses, but also social security numbers and even salaries.

All these information were shared by hackers on the Internet, which means that they were accessible to millions of people from all around the world. The level of the exposure and the damage created at Sony was huge, while employees even feared for their lives.

Following the attack, an investigation was conducted by the FBI. The investigation reached a very interesting conclusion. It revealed that the attack was in fact orchestrated by North Korea.

Speculation on the country's implication in this attack emerged since the beginning, as North Korea previously claimed that it will not tolerate the release of The Interview, as it mocks its leader. Apparently, they chose a hacking attack to stop Sony from releasing it.

At first, the only thing that was said was the fact that the FBI were investigating the case, in the attempt to find out if the hacking was ordered by the North Korean government.

 The sophistication of the attack was really impressive, as hackers managed to obtain a series of vital data. The FBI went to alert other businesses to be very careful at such attacks and protect themselves.

Now, Sony claimed that they will release the movie, at least in the cinemas which want to air it. This includes more than 200 cinemas. Moreover, the famous company claimed that it will work to get the movie into more platforms and more theaters.

Apple has not commented on this scandal and the featuring of the movie in its iTunes. However, the famous company has never been afraid to make certain statements.

What have fans to say about this? 
Well, the opinion on the new movie, as well as what people think about the fact that Apple offers it on iTunes is something yet to be found out. 

Moreover, Apple has managed to always stay silent about its upcoming plans. The tech company has never revealed that much regarding its intentions to launch new products, services or apps.

 And Apple has never been afraid to make certain statements. Naturally, the company seems to not be affected by the threatening that may result from the featuring of this comedy movie.

Moreover, it is yet to discover how this scandal will end and if hackers plan more attacks linked to the release of The Interview.
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