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Apple Acquires Semetric

While everyone wonders what Apple plans on releasing next, it has been revealed that the famous tech company has purchased Semetric, a data analysis company. Semetric is specialized in analyzing data about music online. Analysts seem to believe that this new move from Apple actually comes as the company might be interested in revamping iTunes and Beats Music.

The news on the new acquisition has also been confirmed by Apple. "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," a rep for the famous company said. Reports revealed that the legal papers were filled by the two companies in Britain, as Semetric is based in this country. Apparently, the company changed its address to one associated to Apple, while its director was listed as Gene D. Levoff, who is Apple's lawyer.

At this point no details have been revealed by Apple when it comes to the terms of the acquisition, so there is absolutely no information on the price or the conditions in which Semetric was bought. Semetric issued no public statements until this point and a rep for the company refused to talk about the acquisition.

Semetric has become a quite well-known name, as many companies, record labels, artists' managers or any other individuals activating in the music industry, turn to the data that this company can provide.

The company offers information and data on the consumption of music online. One of the most popular services of the company is Musicmetric, which offers relevant information to clients such as record companies and talent agents.

Apple purchases Beats

Why may this company be of interest for Apple? Analysts claim that for the famous company the deal may be interesting due to its desires to expand its online music services. When it comes to famous Apple purchases, it surely is worth to mention the buy of Beats, which the company purchased last year for the sum of $3 billion. Back then, it has been claimed that Apple bought Beats for the brand that the company has created, for its imagine and its popularity.

Now, it seems that Apple might have had a bigger plan. Music analysts seems to believe that what Apple is willing to do is to become a valuable partner for artists and labels, which are interested to access certain data. Apple is also said to be working at the launch of a new app. Apparently, the company is working to make a Beats app that will become a standard feature on iPhones and iPads, while iTunes will become able to work in concert with Beats.

Apple may not be the only company interested in making an investment in streaming music and data. In fact, some important acquisitions have been made on this matter lately. For instance, Spotify managed to shock last year, when it purchased Echo Nest for no less than $91 million. Spotify actually was in the middle of a public scandal back in 2014, when the famous company got into a public fight with popular singer Taylor Swift.

Swift claimed that she wasn’t fairly paid for her music, while Spotify claimed that it helped artists fight against illegal downloads. Well, Apple might be entering on this market as an artist-friendly company and this can be extremely important. The company is expected to make a re-launch of its streaming-music service later this year.

Well, Apple's plans for 2015 have definitely not been released by the company, so it is yet to discover exactly what it might be willing to launch. Apple buys technology from certain companies from time to time and in many occasions it is hard to guess what the tech giant really plans on doing. Well, Apple had a great year in 2014, with many impressive releases, so the company might be focusing on these types of services for the future.

Apple is currently dominating the smartphone market, enjoying spectacular sales with its latest devices, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The popular company has registered record sales of its latest smartphones and their success does not seem to pale. Analysts expect for the sales of the company to also be impressive in the first quarter of the year, on numerous markets, including the Chinese and Indian market, among other emerging countries.
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