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Apple may be Working at iPad Pro with Stylus

New rumors reveal that Apple might be working to introduce a stylus into its latest devices. Rumors say that the company might introduce a stylus alongside a larger version of the iPad, with a 12.9-inch display.

The predictions were made by famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo. As Kuo usually makes no mistakes when it comes to predictions he provides, there is a great chance for the rumors to turn out being true. Kuo claimed that his predictions, along with numerous Apple patent filings and his personal research, have led him to this conclusion. The analyst went on to claim that most likely the stylus will be an optional accessory. So, he does not expect for Apple to use it to increase the price of the iPad Pro.

Kuo also claimed that the stylus will simply add some additional sensors to enable 3D handwriting. With regard to the pen, the analyst seems to believe that it will be charged with a Lighting connector. According to him, this will be the preferred option, as wireless variants can imply certain increased costs.

Kuo did not reveal if Apple might be thinking on adding this additional feature to other iPad models. However, the analyst believes that Apple will be able to find a way to make this feature bring an enhanced comfort for the users. So, the purpose would be to improve the iPad user experience. From this point of view, adding this feature to the iPad does not seem to be such an unrealistic thing. In fact, Apple is compelled to make certain changes in its iPad lineup, to be able to still draw the interest of customers.

While Kuo claims that the sales of the device will not grow impressively because of the stylus, he is certain that it will help the famous company develop specific customer groups, such as the corporate sector and even educational institutions. Without a doubt, an Apple integrated stylus will turn out being very useful in a series of industries.

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo's previsions

As mentioned, Kuo has various times managed to accurately predict what Apple plans on doing. In fact,before the last iPad event scheduled by the famous company, Kuo foretold that the company will also present a minor update to the iPad mini, while correctly revealing that the iPad Air 2 will feature a laminated screen, with anti-reflective coating. The same happened with the release of the iPhone.

Before the major Apple event, Kuo predicted that Apple was going to release the two new products, guessing the entire spec sheets. The analyst also revealed accurate information about the release of the Apple Watch.

There will be no shock if Kuo's predictions turn out being true this time, as well. Actually, Apple is expected to bring something new to the iPad and it definitely has to be an outstanding specification. The stylus feature might do the trick for Apple after all.

However, it is important to mention that these are all speculations, as Apple made absolutely no official comments regarding its future intentions. Moreover, the report released by Kuo is mostly based on his personal opinion, although the analyst claimed that he used individual research to come to these findings. This means that there is also a chance that he could be mistaking this time.

Well, a stylus would surely be a new turn that Apple will take in its history, mostly having under consideration that Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of the company, always claimed to hate it. However, there are analysts who claim that there is one thing that Jobs could not predict: the time of stylus may have finally come. Moreover, it is quite visible that Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, is not that determined into following Jobs' steps at the head of Apple.

In fact, Cook showed that with numerous business decisions that the company took last year. Still, there is at least one challenge that Apple will have and that is the cost. How much cost will this add to the device and if customers are ready for it is something to be discovered if the previsions are true and Apple will really launch this device in the near future.
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