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Apple plans on Opening Five new Stores in China

Without a doubt, Apple is having an amazing success in China. The famous tech giant is actually set to open five more stores in this country over the next five weeks. Apple entered on the Chinese market for the first time in 2008. Since then, the company has shown to have great development interests here, so there is no wonder that Apple plans to build up more locations.

So, Apple will open five new stores in China, meaning that at the end of next month, the famous company will have no less than 20 stores in this country. The news was confirmed by Apple's head of retail and online stores. "We are opening five new stores before the Christmas New Year this year," she claimed. "Four of the stores are in brand new cities for us," she added.

Moreover, not only that Apple will open some new stores, but the famous company may also plan on extending the stores it currently has in China. Reports reveal that the company has listed certain job opportunities in 15 Chinese locations, while in some of these places it has no stores yet. It surely seems that Apple wants a bigger growth on this market.

In fact, since 2008 when the famous company entered on the Chinese market until now, this has actually become one of the most important retail markets for Apple. Apparently, the growing middle class in China is willing to purchase the high end smartphones developed by Apple, even though dealing with the competition here is not simple at all.

The interest on the Chinese market

On the Chinese market, Apple has to battle a series of successful local high tech manufacturers, including Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei. All these companies offer a series of great features in their smartphones, at a much more affordable cost. However, despite this, the Chinese still seem to prefer Apple's products.

Apple has enjoyed a huge success in China lately. The famous company has faced certain challenges to bring its latest smartphones in China, but the waiting time was worth. So, when Apple unveiled its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the tech company was unable to bring its devices on the Chinese market, due to the lack of approval from the Chinese government, who wanted to make sure that Apple products are not used by agencies to spy in the country.

After days of tension, Apple has finally been able to sale its products in China and the new iPhone has
been received as well as possible here. About 9 million reservations were registered before the release of the new products, as it seems that the Chinese fans of Apple were just eager to discover this bigger screen iPhone. Maybe the new phone did even better than what Apple expected in the first place.

Back in October, Tim Cook claimed that Apple plans on opening no less than 25 new shops in China, in the next two years. It seems that the company has some strong development plans here, although Apple revealed nothing else at this point. Moreover, the company confirmed the reports on the opening of the five shops, but refused to reveal more on the subject.

The best way to explain the hurry in opening so many stores is the demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which is still very impressive in China. However, it is hard to think that Apple will stop here. Most likely, the famous company will continue to search for more development options here. China represents a market with millions of potential customers and the opportunities here are limitless. Already, it is claimed that Apple's sales in China have contributed to the financials of the company with around $5.8 billion in sales for the three months ending September, 2014.

Tim Cook already claimed that he expects at a certain point for China to become the largest market for Apple and its products. However, the competition is quite impressive, too, as numerous big companies, including Samsung, are very interested in China. It is yet to see how Apple will evolve after all on the Chinese market and if the company will register the sales it hopes to get here, or the competition will finally be able to gain more interest from customers.
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