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Apple Promotes App Store Category with Kid-Friendly Games

Apple is always searching for new business development possibilities and the famous company always manages to bring something new on the market. Now, the tech giant has promoted a kid-friendly game section in the App Store. The Games for Kids section can turn out being quite useful when it comes to parental concerns about the apps that kids manage to access.

So, it seems that Apple just wanted to remind its users that it has this section in its App Store and why they should access it. Apple promoted its App Store category on Twitter, revealing that Kid-Friends Games can turn out being helpful for parents concerned about the safety of their children, when navigating the App Store.

In the Games for Kids section, users will find sub-sections for children under 5, for kids aged between 6 and 8 and children between 9 and 11 years old. They will find displayed about 38 apps and although the number might seem low, this includes an impressive variety of games, from simple puzzles to complex tower-defense games. Apple claims that they address to a wide range of levels and skills, so all kids can find something to match their needs.

Apple introduced a dedicated Kids section in the Apps Store in 2013

Apple first introduced a dedicated Kids section to the App Store back in 2013. The new product was revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference, when Apple also presented its iOS 7 mobile operating system. At the moment of its release, the step made by Apple was much appreciated, analysts claiming that the famous company is finally trying to do the right thing and eliminate the abuse that has occurred on this sector until now. Moreover, the same year the number of downloads were quite impressive. 

This section is actually based on a very strict process and guidelines. For instance, it prevents developers from gathering the names, addresses, phone numbers, videos, photos or audios, of children with ages below 13, without parental consent. Apple also states that children under 13 cannot be subject to customized advertising based on their behavior with the app. This is highly important, as it may even lead to certain legal consequences for those who fail to impose serious safety measures.

This was even the case for Apple, which was hit with some legal cases last year. The company was in the middle of a scandal, as kids were able to access in-app purchases, without parental control. As a consequence, in January last year, the famous tech giant was ordered to refund at least $32.5 million to customers, in the settlement. The issue in this case was the Apple failed to notify parents that entering a password to approve an initial purchase of an app allows purchases for 15 more minutes, with no need of another authorization. Maybe, Apple, as well as many other companies, understood the risks and the measures they have to take to prevent all these risks.

Apparently, Apple already made the first steps on this process. The popular company has designed the Family Time with Apps eBook. This is a guide that aims to help parents find the best and the most appropriate apps for their kids. Moreover, the guide tries to help them learn how to use these apps together.

For a parent trying to find out what apps are safe enough for a child, Apple's Kid-Friendly Games is surely useful. Many parents fear that their young children will be tricked into purchase behaviors that they cannot understand. And this is something that has surely happened in many cases so far. 

In the Kid-Friendly Games category, you will find apps such as Lego Duplo Ice Cream, among many others. In the 6 to 8 years old category, you will be able to access games such as Little Galaxy Family, Alice in Wordland and Slides & Ladders. The 9 to 11 category features more complex games, such as Sponge Bob Marbles & Slides, as well as Lego Ninjago Rebooted.

Maybe Apple will continue to work and develop this service that it currently offers for parents concerned about the safety of their children when accessing online apps. However, the first steps in helping parents find and use the right apps for their children have already been made.
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