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Apple Registers Record App Store Sales

Apple started 2015 in a great way. Actually, the tech company is enjoying a huge success and this is simple to see in its sales. It has now been revealed that Apple has registered record App store sales in the first week of the New Year.

Moreover, Apple had a 50 percent sales increase in 2014, while half a billion dollars were spent by customers during the first week of 2015.

Apparently, the best day to purchase a new app for Apple users has been New Year's Day. A new record of the App Store reveals that the

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users spent about half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases.

The record was announced by the famous company on Thursday. Apple also revealed that this comes on top of the single best day ever for sales in the App Stores and the record sales of 2014.

Apple's App Store began growing in 2013

App Store growing in 2013, 2014

Apple also revealed that the interest in the apps of its App Store has grown since 2013. Without a doubt, the number of iPhone and iPad users has also grown, so this evolution is not shocking.

However, the revenue is still impressive. In 2014, earnings from the App Store have grown with 50 percent, compared to 2013. App sales provided iOS developers more than $10 billion in revenue, compared with the previous year.

Apple's users tend to spent more money on apps and games than users of Android devices, although the Android operating system dominates the marketplace.

However, although the App Store is not the biggest money maker for Apple, it surely brought great earnings for the company so far.

Apple has not revealed the exact sum it made from the App Store, but it is estimated that this figure is somewhere around $4.5 billion, while the rest until $4.5 billion might go to developers.

Apple also decided to reveal the factors which, in the company's opinion, have contributed to this success. In 2014, Apple launched the iOS 8. This latest operating system came with a new programming language, Swift, which was considered to be much more user friendly.

Apple also made some improvements when it comes to its mobile operating system. With the latest version of its mobile OS, the company introduced HealthKit and a new Health app. HomeKit was also released by the famous company.

Another new feature that Apple presented last year was the app previews. This allowed Apple users to access a demo version of a certain app in the App Store. This means that users now have the possibility to checkout an app before deciding to download or purchase it.

App Bundles was also introduced by Apple last year. This new service actually helps users save money. It was conceived to allow users to save money by buying up to 10 apps in one shot, at a reduced price.

Along with the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has also introduced the Apple Pay mobile-payments service. This makes buying online much simpler. So, users of the latest generation iPhones can make purchases only by tapping into Apple Pay, naturally at supported retailers.

All these features are new, so there is yet no evidence of how many people have used them so far and what is the general opinion linked to them.

Moreover, since they are so new, we cannot predict how much they have influenced the revenue from the App Store.

2014 has been a very busy year for Apple, filled with many impressive releases. Apple Pay is one of these releases, the new service allowing users to pay with their iPhone.

The new service was unveiled by Apple in September, after months in which everyone expected to see this release. When presenting this feature for the first time, the company claimed that it will revolutionize the payment process.

The tech giant has been planning this for years, the company claiming that they made the service both functional and safe. Moreover, the company revealed that the measures it uses are actually more secure than traditional methods.

How each of these services will finally be seen on the market is something to be discovered as more and more customers are going to access them.
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