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Apple's 2015 Product Lineup

At the beginning of 2014, no one suspected what Apple's plans might be. The famous tech company did not make any important new releases or updates since the death of its co-founder, Steve Jobs. While the pressure on the company's current CEO, Tim Cook, started to be bigger, Apple began making its releases.

Starting with the fall of 2014, Apple has made some important updates to its products, while also entering on the wearables market with a brand new device: the Apple Watch.

In this context, everyone wonders what will the famous company release in 2015? Of course, there are numerous rumors indicating a series of plans that Apple might be having. Analysts already claim that 2015 will be a huge year for Apple and its products.

iPhone 7

The iPhone remains one of the most important and successful products for Apple. The famous tech company has upgraded its iPhone lineup in September 2014, when it released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus. In fact, with the release of these two products, the company managed to draw a whole new category of customers. iPhone 6 has been a massive success for Apple, so the expectations from the company's future devices are huge.

Speculation indicates that Apple will release a new generation iPhone this year. Of course, it is assumed that the company will bring some important new innovations, although it is a long time to wait until Apple will confirm anything on this subject.

Rumors also indicate that besides the iPhone 7, Apple will also release the iPhone 6S. This is said to be a smaller iPhone model, probably a 4-inch screen device, at a more affordable price. It seems that analysts believe that Apple will do its best to cover a series of markets and customers in 2015, as the company's interests have grown.

Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has been one of the most expected releases in a while. After months of rumors and expectation, Apple announced to release its first wearable device. The company confirmed that its new product will become available in sale until the spring of 2015, but it is yet to see how successful this product will be after all.

iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini

Rumors indicate that Apple plans on updating its entire iPad lineup. In fact, the iPad has been a huge success for Apple when the company first revealed this product. However, since then the tablet market has suffered a decline. Well, rumors indicate that Apple will update this year its iPad Pro device.

Some rumors indicated at a certain point that Apple might be willing to discontinue the iPad Mini. However, there are also some opinions out there saying that this is very unlikely to happen, as the newest update to the iPad Mini has been received quite well on the market.

12-inch MacBook and iMac

Apple has showed its intention to significantly update its computer market in 2015. Rumors reveal that the updates made to the new MacBook will make it capable of 30 percent faster processing, with a greater power efficiency. When it comes to the iMac, Apple is expected to continue improving its 27-inch Retina iMac, while updating the 21-inch model of its desktop.

Apple TV

Apple TV has surely been the most neglected Apple product. The device has last seen an update in 2013 and Apple has always treated it as a minor product. However, it is said that Apple might be able to overcome all challenges it faced until now on this market and might finally release a new update to its TV.

What this means remains unclear for now, as numerous rumors have been linked to the future of Apple TV. The only thing certain is that Tim Cook has claimed that the Apple TV is no longer a hobby. Apple's plans are always kept a secret and many times until the official releases no one knows what the company is preparing. Some claim that Apple might also be working at an Apple TV set. However, the release of such a product is quite unlikely to happen in 2015.

However, such a product is still expected by many Apple fans, who would surely love to get an Apple TV set.
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