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Class Action Lawsuit Reveals Apple Lied about MacBook Pro Defects

Apple may be enjoying a huge success when it comes to its latest iPhones, but the famous company is also dealing with some serious legal issues.

A new class action lawsuit filed against Apple revealed that the famous company has intentionally hidden and ignored the problems with its 2011 MacBook Pro.

The case is linked to the massive 2011 MacBook Pro graphics problem that affected thousands of users.

Back then, Apple seemed incapable to provide a definitive fix for the issue. As a consequence, some of the company's users who owned devices affected by this issue decided to take the matter to court and filed a class action suit against Apple in October.

The lawsuit has revealed a worrying hypothesis. It was claimed that Apple knew about the defect, but willfully tried to conceal it.
Specifically, we allege that between early- and late-2011, Apple released a software update that dramatically reduced the graphical performance of the GPUs in order to prevent them from reaching temperatures that would cause the GPUs to effectively self destruct, a note from the lawyers on this case said.

The MacBook Pro defect

After the 2011 MacBook Pros were announced for the first time, about three years ago, it had been claimed that GPU-related systems freezes on the 15'' and 17'' versions.

Apple's response was to issue a software update and the famous company claimed that the update will actually solve the graphics stability issue.

MacBook Pro Defects
However, owners of the new device claimed that it wasn't a software issue, but actually a hardware issue that these Apple laptops experienced.

So, a graphic-related issue was found in some 2011 MacBook Pro models, which Apple refused to acknowledge and recall.

The complaint against the famous company was filed by Zachary Book, Donald Cowart and John Manners, although a petition with thousands of signatures related to GPU complains has been filed, as well. They seek compensation from Apple, which is accused of failing to reimburse owners for the repairs made to the affected devices.

The lawsuit covers residents of California and Florida, who purchased the affected model between February 2011 and May 2012.

The plaintiffs claimed that the graphic problem mostly became visible when intensive tasks were made on the computer, such as watching high-resolution videos or using multimedia programs, including Adobe Creative Suite.

Many Apple owners have complained for years about the issues they experienced with these devices. So, owners claimed that they experienced graphical distortions and system crashes and asked Apple to initiate a replacement program.

However, the company never showed the intention to do so, owners receiving no answer from the tech giant. What caused the failure in the first place is something that still remains unknown. However, this defect made it almost impossible for many people who paid great money for such a device to properly use it.

This means that many had to pay between $350 and $600 to solve the issue on their own. The lawsuit claims that Apple ignored the complaints made by its customers, as well as their attempt to reach to the company's CEO, Tim Cook. Apple's forums were filled with people complaining about the defect, but the company did nothing for them, it is claimed.

Lawyers also revealed that tests have started to be made on the faulty MacBook Pros. Apparently, the suit will expand to California, Colorado, but also Illinois, Vermont and Puerto Rico.

Naturally, Apple is expected to file a motion to dismiss the case. However, it is claimed that most likely the case will be heard before a judge in March.
As imagined, Apple has not commented on the claims yet, and most likely the famous company will decide to stay silent until a final decision will be taken on the matter.

What will happen and if Apple is really guilty is something yet to be discovered. However, this can turn out being an important hit to the company, as thousands of people might potentially be in the same situation of those who filled this complain or signed the petition.

Why Apple avoided to look into the issue and what this trial will bring to light are things that will most likely be discovered and made public as the legal procedures keep on continuing.
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