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How Tim Cook Will be Changing Apple?

Probably, the most famous man in technology is now the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. In fact, Cook has been in the middle of the media attention, such as Apple, due to the latest evolution of the famous company.

Apple has registered spectacular sales starting with the end of 2014 and it seems that Tim Cook has finally found the way to make it to the history of the famous company.

Now, analysts claim that it was a small move at Apple that might have helped Tim Cook overshadow his predecessor, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. The fact is that taking over Apple after the company was run for its entire history by Steve Jobs has been without a doubt a great challenge. And Tim Cook might have made some choices that could change the company forever.

From Steve Jobs to Tim Cook

Even though everyone might think that the release of the biggest screen iPhone ever or the launch of the first Apple Watch might change the path of the company, some analysts say that it was a small move that passed almost unnoticed and that has changed the tech giant. Tim Cook made a managerial move.

Katie Cotton, the company's vice president of worldwide communications, and a close confidant of Steve Jobs, has stepped down from her role at Apple, after no less than 18 years with the company.

Cotton is well known to have been responsible with the company's image, its marketing, as well as its relationship with the media. So, Cotton was the one who helped the company built the image it has today. Apple is well known for the secret it always keeps on its business, but the company is also perceived as being superior to all its competitors. This is in fact the image that the tech giant has built for itself and which it kept for years.

This image might have been created by the lack of Apple's interest for the criticism that the company has received. Apple has always responded slowly to criticism, no matter if it came from the media or even from customers. Well, this might be changing in the near future, with this strategic departure from Apple. In fact, since Cotton stepped down, Apple seems to have changed its approach, becoming friendlier with the media.

Well, Tim Cook's approach at the company is different from the one of Steve Jobs, so there is no wonder after all that Apple might be changing, although analysts claim that this change will be gradual. So, Apple still remains close to the business model and the image that the company has built during the time when it was run by Steve Jobs.

So, analysts claim that Tim Cook will change the way Apple has been perceived until now, making the company friendlier and more open. How will Cook handle the media is something yet to be found out.

Until then, the CEO of Apple has a challenge to complete. If Cook wants to remain in the history of Apple, he has to do more than just work at the company's way of handling its image and of doing business.

Apple has to release something spectacular. Although the famous company introduced a new product in its lineup in 2014, the Apple Watch, this wasn't the first product of its kind, as the market already was filled with wearable devices. Apple invented the iPod, the iPad or the iPhone and the company needs to invent something while Tim Cook runs it.

Cook previous said that it is no longer all about who introduces a product first on the market, but about who does it better. While his statement might be true, the reality is that the expectations that fans have from Apple are huge. Since Cook took over at Apple, the company only released minor updates to its products. Until the fall of 2014, Apple seemed almost unable to draw new customers. Well, last year the company made some releases which brought Tim Cook a lot of appreciation.

For the first time since the release of the iPhone, Apple made some important changes in its device when
it comes to design. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been as successful as possible for Apple, but what will
the company introduce next?
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