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iOS 7 Update: Mail receives advanced gesture support

Apple continues to make some changes with its iOS7 and it seems that the Mail app receives an important makeover, too. One of the main features that is going to be available with this update is advanced gesture support.

All the improvements that this version brings are considered to be quite great in comparison with the predecessor of this app. iOS 7 promises to enhance the usability of Mail, adding a look made with white background and thin black text.

Blue circles mark unread messages, while orange circles flagged content. For the first time, the new system allows users the possibility to change the orange flag icon into an orange dot. This is a closer image to the blue dot for the unread messages.

The new update adds another feature that might be considered quite useful by users. It adds the option to choose to send deleted account messages to the Archive folder, which was not available with this app until now.

There are some small changes that Apple made to design, too. For instance, the small grey boxes that showed the number of messages in a conversation have been modified. With iOS7 the search might also be improved.

This means that users can forget all about the trouble of searching for a message and instead of finding it, having an error displayed on the screen. The iOS7 search functionality promises to be much improved.

It will allow users to search the entire email database easily. The new update will allow users to simpler organize mailbox lists and personalize them. To reorganize their mailbox, users will have a lot of options to use.

 In case you have done something by mistake, the new iOS7 promises to allow you to easily undo it. It allows users to undo deleting or moving only by shaking the device.

One of the main new features remains the gestures, which allows users to simply swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back to the previous screen.

 Mail may feature some important new updates with the iOS 7, even though some claim that Apple could do more for this app.
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