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iPhone is Losing Ground on Key Markets

The iPhone seems to be losing ground on some of its key markets, although the success of the latest generation Apple smartphone is undeniable. So, the demand for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been absolutely spectacular.

In fact, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have set some new sales records for Apple, reports revealing that the famous tech giant has sold 70 million iPhones during the quarter.

The demand for the latest generation iPhone has been so fantastic, as people just wanted to get a bigger display in this smartphone.

So, when Apple introduced iPhone 6, the company made an important change. The new phone features the biggest display seen in an iPhone so far and it seems that Apple fans just love it. Apple may have taken a risk with this move, but it was surely worth it.

The Japanese market

The Japanese market iphone
The company saw a spectacular demand for its device on the North American and European market, but there is one market where the new phone was not received as well as Apple expected.

This is without a doubt the Japanese market, where Apple's sales suffered a decline. Japan has always been considered Apple's single strongest market, as Japanese have always loved the products released by the popular company.

However, compared to the sales registered by Apple last year, the figure is significantly down. So, in 2013, Apple's iPhone has been the choice of about 61.1 percent of the Japanese smartphone buyers.

Still, in the 2014, the percentage dropped to about 48 percent. While the interest for the iPhone on this market has decreased, the interest for Android smartphones has grown.

So, the sales of Android phones in Japan have grown from 36.2 percent in 2013, to 48 percent in 2014. It appears that there is at least one important market on which the Android managed to beat Apple.

Luckily for Apple, this evolution has only been limited to the Japanese market. In Germany, for instance, Apple saw an increase by 3.1 percent, while in Great Britain the success was even bigger, the iPhone 6 growing on the market by 10.4 percent.

Why wasn't iPhone 6 successful in Japan?


Analysts claim that the simplest way to explain the decline of the iPhone on the Japanese market is by thinking at the competition.

Japan has known a growth of the smartphone market. So, a series of home-grown competitors began releasing a series of good options for Japanese buyers.

One of these products is the Sony Xperia line. Although this device did not manage to achieve such an impressive success on global basis, it has done perfectly in this county. Sharp and Fujitsu have also started to become more powerful on the market in Japan, although they are not a visible presence worldwide.

According to analysts, another explanation for this evolution of the iPhone in Japan is the lack of interest on this market for large smartphones. So, the new bigger displays of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus might not be that appealing to the Japanese buyers.

This hypostasis may not be wrong, having under consideration that overall Samsung has failed to become successful on this market.

So, Samsung with its bigger screen smartphones holds only about 6 percent of the Japanese smartphone market, while Sony, which has for sale a mini versions of its devices here, has managed to make a good impression.

Well, regardless of the reason which has determined this decline in the sales of Apple in Japan, this market continues to be of huge interest for Apple.

Almost traditionally, the Japanese have been fans of the products launched by Apple. This means that the tech giant will surely not abandon one of the largest smartphone markets in the world.

Of course, Apple still enjoys success here, although it declined in preferences compared to last year.
Naturally, Apple is expected to come up with some strategies to make sure that they will not dramatically fall in the preferences of the Japanese.

Although it is hard to believe that Apple will see an even bigger fall on this market, anything may happen. Apple seems to be now more focused on markets such as China and India, where the new smartphones enjoy a spectacular success.
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