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iPhone Shipments Likely to set a Record

The new iPhone is a success and there is absolutely no doubt in this reality. However, it seems that the shipments of this product have managed to overpass by far the expectations. When the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus were released, analysts wondered how the market will react to this new product, which was a radical change compared to what Apple had previously presented on the market. Well, it seems that Apple did the best choice it could have possibly made with the release of its brand new iPhones.

Apple shipped over 69 million iPhones

Analysts claim that Apple's shipments for the last quarter will set a new record. It is believed that the company has shipped no less than 69 million iPhones. This is without a doubt a much bigger figure compared to the 51 million iPhones that were shipped by the famous company during the final quarter of 2013. The news on the rumored number of shipments of the latest iPhone was released by an investor note.

In the note, analyst Katy Huberty predicts that the shipments of the company will reach this impressive figure of 69 million. Initial predictions talked about 62 million or 67 million shipments. However, no matter which of the final numbers will be confirmed, it seems quite certain that the shipments for this last quarter will set a new record. The previous record for Apple was set by iPhone 5S, back in 2013.

The final quarter of 2014 also featured the holiday shopping season, so there is no wonder that this is the strongest quarter for retailers. Actually, demand for the new iPhones outweighed supply by the end of 2014. Only close to the middle of January 2015, it seems that Apple has been able to equal the supply to the huge demand, as now finally iPhones appear to be in stock at major carries in the United States.

Apple has always claimed that the iPhone has the prefect size for simple usage. Well, under the ruling of Tim Cook, Apple gave up that idea and introduced on the market the biggest smartphones it ever released. The pressure of the market and the need to release something new might have triggered this decision. However, with the release of these new Phones, Apple was finally able to compete with Samsung Galaxy's lineup.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unveiled by Apple in September. Cook was extremely pleased with the two new devices, claiming that they represent "the biggest advance in iPhone history" and "the best iPhones we've ever done." He went on to explain that "we could have done a larger iPhone years ago. It's never been about just making a larger phone. It's been about making a better phone in every single way."

Well, analysts seem to believe that not only the latest iPhones will bring impressive sales to Apple. Actually, analysts expect the new Apple Watch to be a success, as well. According to Katy Huberty, about 3 million shipments of the Apple Watch will be made in the current quarter. This can mean $1.4 billion in revenue for Apple. The analyst explained that their surveys actually indicate that the market is very interested in wearable devices, especially in the Apple Watch.

Apple debuted its Apple Watch last year, although shipments are yet to start on this product. This is the first wearable for Apple, a much expected and a very interesting device.

"The Apple Watch is the most personal device we've ever created," Tim Cook previously claimed. "We explored many different things and as the product came to fruition, it became not only the timepiece that you would expect, but a device that can do many different things, including, really, a whole new way of communicating and connecting with people."

Many Apple fans wondered if Tim Cook is the best choice as the successor of Steve Jobs in the role as Apple's CEO. Actually, Cook was picked as his successor by Jobs himself. The CEO of Apple claimed in a
previous interview that he never tried to be like Jobs and he never tried to copy him. This has become quite simple to see from the choices that Cook made regarding the future of the company. Will Tim Cook change Apple?
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