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Leaked App Reveals Apple Watch Details

A leaked app has just unveiled a series of details linked to the Apple Watch, features which maybe Apple hoped to keep a secret until the product will become widely available.

Well, this leaked app exposed what seem to be complex details on the way Apple's first wearable device will function.

The Apple Watch was first presented by the famous company last year. Apple is set to widely debut its first wearable product during the spring.

The smartwatch developed by the tech giant will have a series of powerful competitors on the market, so the new device has to come with some impressive features to be able to make an important presence on the wearable market.

Apple's challenges on the market

iWatch Leaked image
The wearables market already features devices from major tech companies, including Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony.

Moreover, their product lineup is in continuous growth, so we may expect new releases soon. Having all these facts under consideration, Apple faces great challenges on the wearables market.

And that is not all. Customers have huge expectations from the tech giant and its products truly have to impress them.

So, Apple needs to convince consumers that they need a device that can act both as a smartwatch and as a health and fitness tracker.

However, some analysts seem to believe that many customers will find it rather uncomfortable to use this device, having under consideration its size and the lack of a keyboard.

In this context, raises the question: how quickly and easily can you manage this device? 

Well, Apple promised to offer great usability in its product, so maybe the company has some tricks that customers will only discover when they will enter into the possession of the new device.

Still, when it comes to its features, the lack of a keyboard makes it impossible for customers to send instant messages.

However, the device comes with the option to set default text replays. Naturally, owners of the new wearable can respond to instant messages with their voice. The wearable comes with the option to zoom in the screen, too.

The Accessibility settings offer a variety of ways to use the watch and explore its features. Well, one of the most important features of the Apple Watch is the fitness app.

This feature comes with a specific set of benefits, helping users keep track of how long they have been sitting, how much activity they had during the day or how much they have evolved when it comes to accomplishing their exercise goals.

The Apple Watch features at the same time a heart-rate tracking option, which will allow users to find out how many calories they have burned. This app can turn out being perfect for those interested in keeping track over their exercising routine.

Of course, that is not everything that the app can offer. It can also show users the availability for storage, as well as the number of songs that are stored on the device.

Users can easily manage all the app from the Apple Watch home screen. Naturally, it is yet to find out if the leak is accurate or not. However, if the rumors are true, it does not necessarily mean that the app will continue to function as it has been presented at this point.

This means that until Apple will make its release, the product can suffer numerous other changes. In fact, Apple is well known to keep very much a secret on its releases.

The Apple Watch was unveiled by the famous company at its event that took place in September last year.

In fact, Apple shocked back in 2014 when the famous company introduced two new iPhone models, as well as the Apple Watch. Before being officially presented by Apple, this new product has been surrounded by many rumors.

Everyone expected to see such a release from Apple, as the wearable market already features a series of good devices.

 If Apple will be able to make a good impression on the market or not is something we will discover in the following months.

Analysts seem to believe that this Apple device will be a success, such as all products that the company introduced for the first time on the market, as fans of the company will just be eager to test it.
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