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Apple to Build the Apple Car

While everyone thought that it will be hard for Apple to still impress with one of its future releases, it
seems that the famous company is preparing something that no one expected. The ambitious tech giant is rumored to be working at the building of a car. Reports reveal that Apple has started to secretly hire experts with experience in automotive with the purpose to develop this impressive new product.

If the reports turn out being true, Apple would not be the only tech giant which has shown interest in the automotive world. Google has been the first company to make a step in that direction.

Apple hires automotive experts

Reports have recently revealed that Apple has started to hire a series of people with experience in automotive. Probably one of the most debated subjects associated to the hires that Apple plans on doing is the linked to Johann Jungwirth, the former head of Mercedes-Benz's Silicon Valley research and development division. Well, following this high profile hiring, reports indicated that Jungwirth along with other specialists have met in a secret lab to talk about this project. Of course, if any of these reports are true, Apple will confirm nothing until it is ready to release the new project.

A Wall Street report indicated on Friday that Apple has in fact hired hundred employees. They will be working at a secret project with code name Titan. Although no one knows if this would be the Apple car project, there are great chances for the rumors to turn out being true. However, Apple fans should not expect to see the car on the road next year. Building a car from the idea stage in which Apple currently is takes several years, for testing and regulatory hurdles.

But, after all automobiles are devices and Apple knows best how to build something in the tech world. So, it seems that many people believe that these plans to build the Apple car are true. The automotive industry is always changing as technology always keeps on advancing. This means that a series of new opportunities are opened on this market for tech companies, such as Google and Apple. If Google already showed its interest on this market, probably, we should have expected to see Apple making its first steps to a car release soon.

Still, entering the car manufacturing business is a huge step for any company, including Apple. But, specialists claim that Apple might have an edge over companies which have been in the business for years. This is why this might be the perfect moment for the famous iPhone manufacturer to enter on this market. Nowadays, cars are no long only machines to help us move around from one place to another.

Now, technology dominates the car

Technology in and around the car has grown, while safety, comfort and easy access to technology are almost demanded. Any car that is built now is dominated by technology and has dozens of computers. Of course, this is Apple's expertise and the tech giant will surely be able to bring something unique. And this would not even be the first time when such an evolution is seen on the market.

Tesla actually created the precedent and the example for Apple to follow. In fact, some reports indicated that Apple is quite interested in people who previously worked for Tesla. About 640 Apple employees have been within this company prior of their hiring at Apple.

Some reports indicated that the plan to design a car is not that new. In fact, Steve Jobs has always dreamt that someday his company will enter on the automotive market. Apple has always been a company with a vision and maybe the tech giant will build this project on a vision that its late CEO had.

While Apple declined to comment on these reports, it is hard to believe that rumors will stop here. So, most likely new revelations will be made in the near future. Apple constantly investigates new product areas, so if it has the chance to enter on this car market, it would surely not miss it. Tim Cook confirmed last year that Apple is working at something unexpected and impressive. He claimed that the tech company has some projects that nobody knew about. It seems that releasing the Apple car might be one of those projects.
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