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Apple's iOS gets Supremacy on US Market

Apple has had some amazing months following the release of the latest generation iPhone. If some analysts have claimed that Apple achieved a success almost impossible to equal even by the company itself, it seems that the tech giant keeps on revealing new records.

Apparently, Apple's mobile operating system has once again managed to obtain supremacy on the US market.

So, after no less than two years since it fell behind Android in the United States, Apple's iOS regained a top spot following the holiday sales season.

Holidays sales are always amazing in the US, but it seems that this year everything went to Apple. Statistics reveal that the tech giant has accounted no less than 47.7 percent of all smartphone sales in the month of December. The Android fell slightly behind, with 47.6 percent of sales.

Although the victory against the Android may not be that impressive when looking at the statistics, it definitely is a big win for Apple in the battle for the market.

Even more so, as Apple managed to get more than all the companies which sell Android devices in the United States. The growth is also great for the popular company in comparison with a year ago. Back then, Apple managed to get only 43.9 percent of the market, while Android scored 50.6 percent.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comparison

Once again, it is worth mentioning that the release of the largest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has managed to put the famous tech company once again on top when it comes to users preferences.

The success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was unpredicted and unprecedented, actually being the strongest product ever released by the famous company.

Moreover, what impresses most is that Apple managed to achieve these results, while the market is filled with Android smartphones of the same screen size and even bigger.

Why people chose to buy the new Apple device and did not opt for an Android product? Well, this is without a doubt a question hard to answer and which will probably not see an exact response too soon. It seems that Samsung is ready to fire back at Apple, with the release of a brand new smartphone.

The popular smartphone maker is set to release the Samsung Galaxy S6 at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress and without a doubt it hopes to gain back at least a part of its customers.
On the other hand, if Apple managed to get the wanted success in the US, without a doubt what comes next is the battle for China.

China is of huge importance for Apple, but not only. China is actually becoming an increasingly important market for numerous smartphone makers. Apple has managed to make an important presence on the Chinese market, registering a growth here, as well.

Over 2014, Apple's share in this country grew from 19 percent to 21.5 percent. And most likely its popularity will be on a continuous growth trend in 2015. Apple has also opened some new stores in China, to meet the spectacular demand for its products.

Why is China such an important market for Apple? 

Well, it seems that the Chinese just love the products released by the tech giant. And the Chinese seem to be very drawn to the big screen phones that Apple has unveiled at the end of last year.
At the same time, China represents a huge market of potential customers.

Statistics revealed that almost a quarter of iPhone customers here were actually first-time buyers, which is truly impressive. Well, the fact that Apple is at the peak of its success is no secret.

 But, how will the famous company manage to keep this success? What will Apple release next? 

This is surely a very interesting answer to discover. The expectations from Apple are huge, while the pressure is enormous. Apple needs to release something as unique and spectacular as the iPhone 6 to be able to maintain its success.

Some analysts claim that there is no way Apple will be able to get the same success at the end of 2015, but the popular company has always managed to impress, so maybe Apple will be able to do that once again. And that would not be shocking at all, as Apple always finds the resources to make history with its products.
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