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Apple Acquires FoundationDB

Allegedly, Apple has recently acquired FoundationDB, a company specialized in fast and cost-effective database software.

Actually, the specific of the company is quite interesting, being said that FoundationDB's software is capable of performing a whopping 14.4 million random writes per second. Of course, Apple has not revealed its plans in connection to the new database it purchased, so it is yet to discover what the famous company has prepared for next.

While nothing has been confirmed, many analysts seem to believe that what Apple is trying to do is to work to improve the technologies that power Apple's key services, including the App Store, iTunes and iCloud.

Some seem to think that Apple's newest acquisition may be connected to the company's intentions of soon releasing the next generation Apple TV. Rumors indicated for years that Apple plans on updating its Apple TV lineup, which has not received a major update in more than three years.

Insiders claimed that the tech giant will make the launch sometimes during this fall, but of course nothing has been confirmed for now.

However, what analysts seem to agree upon is that Apple bought the noSQL database for internal use and the famous company does not plan to resell it.

 Well, while some seem to think that Apple will use its new purchased technology in the development of the Apple TV, others seem to think that it will be useful for the famous company's App Store, iTunes, Connect or iTunes in the Cloud products.

The financial terms of the deal between FoundationDB were not revealed at this point, either. FoundationDB claimed that it made the decision to evolve our company mission and, as of today, we will no longer offer downloads.

However, the statement did not mention Apple, so the two companies have yet to officially confirm the deal.

Many analysts still wonder what Apple plans on releasing next. A series of rumors are circulating on the intentions of the famous company.

 Some claim that Apple plans on focusing on some updates on the Apple TV, while releasing an iPhone 6S and 6C, instead of the iPhone 7.

 Other rumors indicate that the company has some bold plans and it actually wants to release the Apple Car.
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