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Apple interested in Augmented Reality Technology

Have you heard about Augmented Reality ? It seems that Apple has an eye on it already!

There are so many rumors going on right now regarding Apple's future plans that it will definitely be extremely interesting to discover what the famous company wants to release next.

While some rumors talk about the newest update to the iPhone lineup, the iPhone 7, others actually talk about the release of the Apple Car.

Augmented Reality Technology

Well, now it is rumored that Apple actually plans on entering the augmented reality market. Analyst Gene Munster recently claimed in an investor's note that the famous tech company actually has a small team exploring augmented reality.

Google Glass
Google Glasses
The comments were based on conversation with industry contacts.

The analyst alleged that he believes that Apple will be able to release a much better technology than the one that is available on the market at the moment.

If the rumors turn out being true, this will not be the first time when a tech giant considers investing in this type of technology.

The best example to be mentioned is without a doubt the Google Glass. The Google Glass allows users to see the world as it is, but also to see projects information onto the lens.

Microsoft also tried to make an important release on this type of technology, with the HoloLens.
Microsoft HoloLens

Sony released the SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, but the Japanese giant did not obtain the desired success, either.

Will Apple be able to obtain the success that these famous tech companies couldn't? 

Well, Google already claimed that its device was far from becoming a widely popular product, as the market is not ready for it.

After all, using such a device supposes wearing clunky and obtrusive glasses. Analysts seem to believe that Apple can actually use the example of the Apple Watch to release something that users would be interested in.

With the Apple Watch, the famous company bet on design and style. Maybe, this is something that Apple will also do with the release of its wearable augmented reality technology.

Analyst Gene Munster actually claimed that Apple has turned to the experience of the CEOs of Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent to get the needed advice on the design of the Apple Watch.

Maybe, this will also help for such a new wearable. Well, what Apple plans on doing will definitely not be revealed too soon. However, working at such a technology is something extremely interesting.
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