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Apple to Accept Android devices as Trade-ins

It surely seems that Apple is looking for some new development possibilities. And it appears that the famous company has already found a way to grow the success of its latest generation iPhones.

Apple plans to start accepting non-Apple devices as trade-ins, rumors indicate. It has been reported that this new strategy might help the popular company extent its market-share to the loss of competitor smartphone brands, based on the Android software.

Apple started its trade-in program back in 2013. The new program was actually implemented by the famous company to determine more users to upgrade to its new products.

Apple Accept Android devices as Trade-ins
The program functions quite simple. Customers hand over their current devices, receiving in exchange a gift card for the purchase of a new iPhone.

Until now, the policy was only limited to Apple devices. This means that people owning Android products were unable to hand them over for the discount at the purchase of a new iPhone.

This means that Apple might implement a new strategy in the fight against the Android. Such a program would push more people into switching from Android phones to the iPhone.

Allegedly, the new trade-in promotion will be offered at Apple retails stores. Moreover, Apple employees will help users transfer their contacts from Android phones to a new iPhone.

Analysts expect this to be a strategic move for Apple. In fact, Apple had more Android switchers in the past quarter than in any other period, Tim Cook claimed.

This is quite simple to explain through the fact that for the first time the tech giant released a larger display phone, comparable with the Android smartphones that already existed on the market.

It seems that Apple fans waited for long the release of such a product and this was visible through the amazing sales.

With this new move, Apple might actually give a boost to the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, although the famous company has managed to sell more than 74.5 million units so far.

The brand new iPhone was released in 2014, setting a new record in iPhone sales. Apple did not confirm the news.
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