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Apple to Launch Streaming TV Subscription Service Featuring CBS, ABC, Fox

Apple is said to launch its first subscription TV service. Allegedly, the famous company is in talks with TV programmers about a new service that will include no less than 25 channels.

According to the latest reports, the service may actually be launched in September.
So, the whole project supposes the release of a new Web-based subscription TV service, under Apple's brand.

This includes major networks, such as ABC, CBS and Fox. Allegedly, the service will actually be available on all devices running Apple's iOS operating system, including the Apple TV.

Sources claimed that most likely Apple will make the big announcement on this release sometime in June, although the launch will be made during the fall.

BREAKING: Apple in talks to launch online TV service in the fall with about 25 channels, featuring ABC, CBS and FOX networks - WSJ 
Apple Tv Streaming Service
At this point, it wasn't revealed if Apple planned to add a subscription cost to the service or how it will function.

Of course, the famous company revealed nothing at this point, so Apple did not comment on the rumors. However, the fact that Apple was willing to bring some new developments when it comes to TV is not really new.

Moreover, the company has shown signs that a complete, over the top video streaming service was in its current plans, although no one expected to see this release so soon.

Many analysts believed that Apple was actually working at a full TV set, to be able to compete on the market against Samsung, LG and other tech giants.

However, it seems that the company has found another way of development. Apple has recently revealed that it signed a deal with HBO Now.

This means that starting with April, Apple users will be able to subscribe to the new service, regardless of the device they are using. This means that the streaming service will be available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users.

So, some reports indicated that Apple is still negotiating with several media companies, including Disney, so it is yet to see what the famous company will release after all.

What is certain is that NBCUniversal will not be in the deal, due to the feud between Apple and Comcast. However, if Apple's plans will go as expected, all the company's fans will be able to discover the new service starting with the fall.
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