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First Apps for the Apple Watch are revealed

Although there is still about one month left until the brand new Apple Watch will be released, it seems that developers have already started to release apps for the wearable device.

One of the big brands that showed their support for the new Apple product with its apps is Twitter.

Twitter actually doesn’t support Android Wear yet, but it seems that the famous company hurried to release an update to its app to add support for the Apple Watch.

Naturally, this is just an example. Over a dozen Apple Watch apps have already hit Apple Store.

They are mostly focused on the markets on which the new device is expected to be released in next month.

In fact, the Apple Watch is expected to be out in nine countries starting with April 24.

The device's price will start at $350. The markets it will first hit include Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and of course, the US.

Among the apps that are already available for the device can be mentioned apps for The New York Times, Target, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Tourney Pick'Em, SPG: Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Sky Guide, among many others.

These Are the First 25 Apple Watch Apps:

As imagined, many other apps are still in the works and will most likely be released soon. Here are included apps for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or NPR, which users will definitely be interested in.

Of course, Apple fans will have to wait less than a month to see how these apps work on the new device and how great it really is.

Ahead of the release of the Apple Watch, everyone seems to wonder how popular this new device will turn out to be.

Some claim that Apple has high expectations from this new product and the famous company wants to earn a great deal of money from its sale.

Some statistics indicated that Android users showed a strong interest in this device. This is without a doubt bad news for Samsung, as the new Apple Watch needs to be connected to an iPhone in order to work.

On the other hand, this is great news for Apple, as it could mean that even more people will become interested in the company's latest iPhone.
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